The Devil Lovers Cast Spells, Took Blood Oaths, And Cooked Meth E10

They were called “the devil lovers.” 

A group of middle-aged men and women from prominent families in Central Texas around Waco. 

They would meet in an industrial warehouse at 11 PM sharp every Wednesday night.   

They would strip off their clothes and don floor-length satin robes.

The robes were emblazoned with names including Black Warlock and White Witch.

They would gather in a circle. Prick their fingers with a needle. And then each would let three drops of blood splatter on the pages of an open Bible.

When a person pricked their finger it meant they would respect the order and protect their brothers and sisters.

David Russell Zell was the master of this circle. 

Zell’s robe sported a 5-star mystical pentagram with the word Master sewn above it.

It was a Cult of Crank.  Better known as methamphetamine.

These devil lovers operated the biggest illicit meth lab in Texas in the late 1980s.

But none of the cult members with the exception of the meth cook nicknamed the “professor” were meth users.

Listeners of Episode #8, Murder Mayhem and Methamphetamines asked for more stories that are Breaking Bad Texas-style.

So we are back with another true crime story that’s stranger than fiction.

And it is straight out of the files for former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston.

Investigative reporter Robert Riggs kicks off a bizarre story recalling when a mysterious character arrived in Waco, Texas from Ohio.