The Pain Never Goes Away For The Families Of Serial Killer Kenneth McDuff’s Victims E9

You are about to hear how the murder of Colleen Reed on December 29th of 1991 by serial killer Kenneth McDuff impacted the life of her then ten-year-old niece.

At the time of this recording in December of 2020, Ms. Reed’s niece had spent 29-years suffering from guilt.

It is a story that none of us that worked on the case were aware of until now. 

Both of your hosts of the Justice Facts Podcast were intimately involved in the murder case.  I was the investigative reporter that exposed how McDuff got out of prison. And Bill Johnston, then a federal prosecutor, led the effort that hunted him down.

This episode was originally produced for my True Crime Reporter Podcast Season called Free To Kill. 

Bill and I talked with Ms. Reed’s niece to give you insight into how the trauma of violent crime affects the victim’s families forever and explain why society should lock up violent offenders and throw away the key.