The Day The Last Texas Ranger Died E7

40-year old Texas Ranger Stan Guffey was killed on January 22, 1987 rescuing a 2-year old girl from a kidnapper.
40-year old Texas Ranger Stan Guffey was killed on January 22, 1987, rescuing a 2-year old girl from a kidnapper.

This is a story of kidnapping, murder, and immeasurable bravery.  

A 2-year-old girl disappears from her family home in the Texas Hill Country just a day or so after the family’s nanny fails to show up for work. 

The FBI and other law enforcement officers are at a loss and without a clue. Finally, a call to the family home.  It’s the kidnapper, demanding a ransom. 

He has the girl.   He demands that the father of the missing girl deliver cash and a car.  

Worried that the kidnappers won’t play fair, a Texas Ranger volunteers to go with the father. 

But the plan is impossible. 

The car is too small for the Ranger to hide inside. A new plan and a larger car and the Ranger seeks the help of another to help.  

Nothing goes as planned.  

Bullets fly.  Some survive  – some do not.    

And the sad ending to the story waits years to be told.  

Former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston, the cohost of the Justice Facts Podcast, shares the tragic story of January 22, 1987, as told to him by decorated and legendary Texas Ranger John Aycock. Many of the details have never been public.

Aycock and Ranger Stan Guffey volunteered to rescue a two-year-old girl from her kidnapper.

An ensuing shootout took the life of heroic Ranger Guffey.

Guffey was posthumously awarded the Department of Public Safety Commissioner’s Medal of Valor for saving Kara-Leigh Whitehead.

The 70th Texas State Legislature memorialized Stanley Guffey with a resolution recognizing his sacrifice. More than 1,200 mourners attended Stanley Guffey’s funeral.

The Texas Rangers’ facebook page memoralizes Ranger Stan Guffey’s ultimate sacrifice.

The Texas Rangers are the oldest state law enforcement agency in the United States. Established by Stephen F. Austin in 1823.

We highly recommend that you visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco to learn more about the history of this famous law enforcement agency.

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