Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Procurer Of Underage Girls Defends The Dead Financier In Combative Sex Trafficking Deposition E5

Jeffrey Epstein’s one-time girlfriend and alleged accomplice in procuring hundreds of underage girls for the mega-rich financier fought to keep her testimony under wraps.

Today, Ghislaine Maxwell lost that fight when a district court judge unsealed a 465-page deposition taken over a two day period four years ago.

Maxwell strongly denied introducing Prince Andrew to underage sex partners including Virginia Giuffre who was 17-years old.

The Prince is pictured with his arm around the waist of Giuffre in a sensational photograph with Maxwell grinning in the background.

Maxwell denied allegations that the Prince had sex with the teen in the bathroom of her London townhouse because the bathtub was “too small for any type of activity whatsoever.”

The testimony is from a 2016 defamation case brought by Giuffre.

President Bill Clinton is briefly mentioned but his name and other high-profile men friends of Epstein were redacted or marked out in black marker.

Investigative reporter Robert Riggs and former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston breakdown the deposition and its impact on the criminal case against Maxwell.

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