Behind The Scenes In The Manhunt For Texas’ Worst Sadistic, Sexual, Serial Killer E1

I met former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston while investigating how serial killer Kenneth McDuff got out of prison on parole.  Johnston and two Deputy U.S. Marshals were on the trail of McDuff who they suspected of abducting Melissa Northrup from her night shift at a convenience store.  The pregnant mother vanished without a trace but McDuff’s car was found abandoned nearby.

Local law enforcement agencies declined to pursue the lead.  Johnston and the Marshals picked up the gauntlet and launched an old-style Texas posse.

After McDuff’s capture, Bill spent time with the serial killer and describes his evil presence.  In this episode, we preview our Free To Kill series on the True Crime Reporter™ podcast and give you a taste of how our Justice Facts podcast will discuss developments in trending high profile criminal cases that are making news.