Introduction to Justice Facts: True Crime Stories That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Peabody Award-Winning investigative reporter Robert Riggs and decorated former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston dissect the most notorious criminal cases making news today. 

For over four decades, the duo has been up close and personal with serial killers, mass murderers, sexual predators, and terrorists.  You name it, and they’ve seen it from the crime scene to the courtroom, to prison, even the death chamber.  

The first season of the newly released True Crime Reporter™ podcast features their roles in bringing to justice the worst sadistic, sexual, serial killer in Texas’ history. 

“Justice Facts” takes you behind the scenes into the dark drama surrounding high profile criminal cases from a perspective that you’d never experience on your own. 

Each week they break down criminal cases using their combined 70-years of experience to offer up “just the facts”. Johnston analyzes the evidence and allegations as well as the strategy of prosecutors and defense lawyers.  Riggs weighs in on how the story is playing in the press. 

For starters, they will dig into the sex trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged procurer of young girls. Will Ghislaine Maxwell save herself from prison by flipping on the who’s who of influential men who preyed on underage women?

Stay tuned for the premiere of Justice Facts.